Searching for Work

“The great thing is not to lose your nerve.”
–Jerry Pournelle

The quest for freelance work continues, though I am not dropping entirely the notion of picking up a staff job. As it stands right now, I’m looking at several opportunities, ranging from aerospace to training & development.

I have a feeling my mother is going to be right on this one (don’t you love it when that happens?): I’ll probably get a lot of work all coming in at once. Not a bad problem to have, but I have to exercise a little patience. I just got to Orlando on Monday, and it’s now Thursday.

If you’ve been following these posts and feel that you might have need for a mildly amusing tech writer who can operate as a literary Swiss army knife, check out my resume and contact me as you see fit.


About Bart Leahy

Freelance Technical Writer, Science Cheerleader Event & Membership Directior, and an all-around nice guy. Here to help.
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