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I will be on business travel for the rest of the week. However, in the spirit of television and radio talk shows, here are some “Best of Heroic Tech Writing” entries for you to enjoy while your host is away. If you’re new here, it’s an opportunity to get a sample of what sorts of things I write. If you’re a return reader, thank you! Hope these reruns make your day.

Bring Me a Rock,” wherein Your Humble Narrator takes you on a surrealistic journey into the heart of…oh, never mind. Just read and enjoy.

How to Write a Complaint Letter. And you can be relatively trusting of the advice because I used to answer them.

Setting Up Your Portfolio. What to include, how to keep it organized, how to make it pretty.

Website Usability. A subject near and dear to my grad school advisor’s heart. The moral of the story (spoiler alert): make things easy on your reader.

Everything I Needed to Know About Tech Writing I Learned from Reading Science Fiction. Okay, it’s not literally true, but this is one of my favorite entries, and I’m glad to see it’s getting a lot of reader attention.

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