My Book is Out: Why You Should Buy It

Oh, huzzah! Heroic Technical Writing: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Your Life is now available in Kindle and paperback format. While I enjoyed writing it, you might be wondering: WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?). Today I’ll explain what you’d be getting for your money. Yes, this is a bit of a sales pitch, but there’s a point here, trust me.

For the Aspiring or Practicing Technical Writer

Heroic Technical Writing answers basic questions about what the job is really like: not just the types of work you do, but how you will interact with peers, leaders, and customers. You will learn about the different career avenues available and how to pursue the job you want. You’ll learn about the ups and downs of the tech writer’s life, from handling last-minute deadlines to answering complaints to meeting and acquiring new customers. You’ll get tips on preserving your physical and mental health. You’ll learn how you can add value–without learning the math! Whether you plan to work for a large organization or go it alone as a freelancer, Heroic Technical Writing shares insights you won’t learn in school.

For the Technical Writing Instructor 

You want your students to know how tech writing works and how people actually make a living doing it. Perhaps you’re looking for a change from the usual academic textbook. You might be looking for “real world” examples of how a particular type of document is used in a professional setting. Or you might have an inquisitive student who wants to know “what it’s really like” to be a technical writer and you don’t have time to answer all their questions. Heroic Technical Writing can be that assistant you didn’t know you needed.

For the Professional Scientist, Engineer, or Entrepreneur 

You might not be a technical writer or even want to be a one. That doesn’t mean you won’t need to write a proposal to feed your business (or yourself!). Where do you start? How do you find opportunities on the government website? How do you decipher an RFP? How do you organize your content? How do you know when you’ve researched enough? How do you include those “marketing messages” that the proposal manager wants inserted into your text? Heroic Technical Writing has got you covered.

For the College Student Getting Ready for the Workplace

Writing might or might not be part of your job, but odds are, if you’re entering an office-based workplace, you’ll need to network and interview for jobs, dress appropriately, and figure out the best way to talk to people. What sort of characteristics are employers looking for How do you justify a business trip? How do you stay physically and mentally healthy in a stressful work environment? How should you save for retirement? Heroic Technical Writing provides answers for entering the white-collar world.

Heroic Tech Writing is part handbook, part sarcastic (but always honest) “charm school” guide to help you learn what you need to communicate well in a business setting.

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