The Book–At Last!

Huzzah! On Sunday I pulled the trigger on making the bookHeroic Technical Writing: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Your Life, a Kindle edition…available August 31. I’m hoping to have the paperback edition available by then as well…we’ll see what Amazon says. For those of you waiting on me, you won’t have to wait much longer.

The goal, of course, was to provide the reader with an idea of what the technical writer’s life is like. The style matches this blog, which is to say: first-person, a tad more relaxed than your average college textbook. And while the tone might be light, I had a serious purpose in mind: to provide a global view of the technical writing professional, not just as a producer of content but as an integrated professional and person in the workplace. It’s organized as follows:

  1. Products – The actual documents developed by technical communicators.
  2. Processes – The office procedures that technical communicators follow in their work.
  3. People & Politics – Working with the varied and often complex personalities and political structures that shape professional life.
  4. Professionalism – How to think and behave constructively in the workplace.
  5. Pursuing Work – How tech writers find jobs as employees or freelancers.
  6. Protecting Yourself – How to handle things like your health, insurance, reputation, and retirement.

I hope you find it helpful and perhaps even entertaining. I’m here to help, really!

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Freelance Technical Writer, Science Cheerleader Event & Membership Director, and an all-around nice guy. Here to help.
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