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I’m flying back today from the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Will resume regular operations Thursday. Have a pleasant week!

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  1. Chester Energy and Policy says:

    Would love to hear what you thought stood out at the Science & Engineering Festival in DC! I wrote up my perspective from someone in the energy industry here: http://chesterenergyandpolicy.com/2018/04/16/usa-science-engineering-festival-comes-to-washington-d-c-energy-and-sustainability-among-the-topics-in-focus/

    • Bart Leahy says:

      Honestly, I spent much of my time working or in the Science Cheerleader booth. I’m a space geek, so my primary interest was the NASA booth, which was mobbed. However, I did get to see my friend from Marshall Space Flight Center, so that was good. 🙂 It’s impressive to see how the event has grown over the years, but now it’s almost too much for an introvert to take in.

      • Chester Energy and Policy says:

        I can second that! This was my first time attending the event and I thought there’d be more of a chance to interact with the brilliant people in each of the booths, but I found I rarely wanted to take time away from the demonstrations and explanations to the children!

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