What Are People Reading on This Blog?

I’m taking an extended vacation this week, so today’s entry and Monday’s will be retrospective pieces to save me from bringing my laptop with me. Today I’ll be looking at the top five entries from 2017 (so far!). Enjoy.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Integration

Apparently, in addition to people wanting to understand individual corporation organization styles, readers are also interested in how specific industries are organized. Glad I can be of service.

Continuous Improvement for the Writer

Faster, cheaper, better–pick two!

Do You Have to be an Engineer to Write for Engineers?

The short answer, of course, is not just no, but heck no! The longer version is, “It depends on what type of writing you are doing, for whom, and how much knowledge you need to write for that particular audience “in their own language.”

Read the–What Do You Mean, There’s No Manual?

This was a reflection on life in a world where full-blown, feature-by-feature technical manuals are becoming an endangered species. I would suggest that large-scale, printed tech guides still have their place.

How Stupid Are You Willing to Look?

Some questions are not stupid and some questions you can answer for yourself. The question, I suppose, is, “Can you tell the difference?”

Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. [ Smiles ] It surely looks as though people are fond of those topics.

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