To My Readers in India

In reviewing my stats for the year, it’s come to my attention that my largest audience outside of the U.S. is in India. First of all, thank you! I appreciate your readership and attention. I could speculate on why you came to this blog–large tech community, plenty of contact with the States, etc.–but I would like to hear from any readers directly on what topics you find useful.

Are there subjects that you find more helpful than others?

Are there things you would like to learn/know?

Are there best practices you’ve observed in Indian technical writing that could be transferred over here?

I’ll confess that I know practically nothing about working in India, but if there are things technical communicators in India would like to know about doing tech writing, working in the U.S., or unraveling the mysteries of the American business culture, I will do my best to help.

About Bart Leahy

Freelance Technical Writer, Science Cheerleader Event & Membership Director, and an all-around nice guy. Here to help.
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  1. Amruta says:

    Hey Bart..this is Amruta from India 🙂 I am an ardent follower of your blog…I write developer docs, as in software architecture and design docs for developers, and reading your blog gives me a ot of pointers in learning Engineerish 🙂 Thank you so much for that!!

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