Why I Don’t Write About Work

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed that I write about pretty much everything except the actual technical content of my job. There are a couple of reasons for that. For one thing, this blog is about assisting the technical writer in any field, not just aerospace and space science. For another, no offense to my customers, but after work I like to think about other things. I have done space advocacy writing in my free time as well, and that gets to be too much. One needs a break occasionally.

There’s also a more practical consideration: I’m not always certain what’s “inside baseball” talk (and so not to be shared with the public) and what’s been cleared for public consumption. So it’s just good policy not to talk about what you’re doing on the job, unless it’s already public. Then, what the heck, brag from the rooftops! You’re published!

About Bart Leahy

Freelance Technical Writer, Science Cheerleader Event & Membership Director, and an all-around nice guy. Here to help.
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