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This week I’ll be attending the 44th Space Congress in Cape Canaveral, Florida. I attended this event last year and got some good information out of it. Mostly the event covers happenings in the space business here in Florida–specifically, Brevard County, a.k.a. the “Space Coast.” Since my primary income is not from the space biz at present, it’s important that I at least try to stay in touch with the people I know in the space biz and find out what’s new in my neighborhood.

Since I’m diving right into a vacation the day after the conference I’ll be slower on doing day-by-day reporting, but I’ll do my best. Maybe this year I’ll poke around for paying work. The good and bad news about being a space writer is that it’s a very niche market, so if I want to find work I’ve got find space people. Even if I didn’t have the info-gathering or job-hunting angles, I would probably attend this conference anyway because I’m interested in human space exploration and have been for 40 years. My career grew from my interest in space and my ability to write about it. Far be it for me to disregard my roots.

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