Finding Useful Content on this Blog

I’ve been working on making this blog more useful to my intended audience—new or current technical communicators. I realize there are tags for various topics, but maybe a summary entry like this will help you find the “best of” my thoughts on a particular subject. Fair warning: this list does not cover every entry I’ve ever posted, so dig around as you see fit.

Thinking About Tech Writing

These essays are my attempts to explain the mental processes behind how I organize and write content.

Tactical Questions

These are on the practical side of things—how-to guides for specific work tasks.

Job Hunting/How to Get a Tech Writing Job at NASA

This has become a recurring theme, so I might as well put all my thoughts in one place. Some folks have emailed me wanting advice on getting any tech writing job while others have asked for advice on getting a job at NASA, which is a slightly different question. I’ve also included here a couple entries on potential future career outlets for technical communicators.

All the Things They Don’t Teach You in College

This is the advice I wish I’d gotten when I was in college.

Random Silliness

These are fun, but they don’t quite fit any of the other categories.

About Bart Leahy

Freelance Technical Writer, Science Cheerleader Event & Membership Director, and an all-around nice guy. Here to help.
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