The 2012 Space and Missile Defense Conference

Over the next three months, I will be blogging about the 2012 Space & Missile Defense Conference (SMD), the world’s premier conference on these important topics. The event will be held in Huntsville, Alabama, August 13-16, and will bring together government, military, and civilian contractor professionals who have an interest or background in space and missile defense topics. If you or your employer are planning to present or exhibit at SMD and would like an opportunity to get some early attention (“buzz”) for your presence, email me! I’ll be easily reachable via bart_leahy [at]

My goals are to talk about what’s cool, what people will be saying, and what they’ll be doing–showing off their stuff or hiring, perhaps?–and doing a little “live reporting” during the event. I’m particularly interested in hearing stories from folks who are attuned to social media, just starting your careers, or women in the aerospace field. Once we get rolling, I’ll also be working with the SMD’s Twitter account (actually, no: that’s Brother Hu over at Kickstart–dividing and conquering).

Talk to you more soon!

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