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Is It Okay to Use “Text Speak” in Your Social Media Postings?

The short version: No. The long answer: No, but… (read on)

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Book Status

Okay, so yes, I was hoping to clear out the first draft of the Heroic Technical Writing book by the end of March. Unfortunately, I did not make that date. The good news is, I’m still working on it, and hope to get … Continue reading

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Are You Building Your Network Through Friendships or Transactional Relationships?

We all have some notion of what it means to form a friendship, on or off the job. But what, you might ask, is a “transactional relationship?” That, my friends, is a relationship you cultivate for the sole purpose of … Continue reading

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On Travel

I’m flying back today from the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Will resume regular operations Thursday. Have a pleasant week!

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Off to the USASEF

Don’t you love a good acronym? USASEF stands for the USA Science and Engineering Festival, which I will be attending in Washington, DC. I’ll be doing my biennial event support for the Science Cheerleaders. If you’re in town April 7-8, … Continue reading

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Cooking Up Your Next Career Change

Thanks to some bad choices I made in the last 40-odd years, I now find myself forced to make better food selections when I eat. So how does a guy who’s spent the better part of his childhood and adult … Continue reading

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Characteristics of Formal and Informal Writing

I’m currently supporting a new corporate client that is serious, so to speak, about maintaining an informal in-house writing style. How serious? Their in-house style manual runs longer than 200 pages. They want to make certain anyone writing for them … Continue reading

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