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Reader Response: English Majors in the Space Business, Revisited

A new reader, Nick, responded recently to one of my posts on English majors working for NASA. I keep adding to my advice as I get more questions and have more/new space-writing experiences, so I thought I’d add a bit … Continue reading

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How Do I Do My Accounting? It Depends on What You Mean

This past week, a friend who is just starting out in freelance writing asked me, “How do you do your accounting?” I realized that the answer was not quite as straightforward as I might have liked. Therefore, you (and my … Continue reading

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Down Sides of Freelancing

Full-time jobs usually have a primary virtue not found in the freelance world: consistency of working hours and pay. In a word, security. Freelancing? Not so much. Is freelancing for you? Here are some thoughts for you as you weigh … Continue reading

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Reader Response: Is Technical Writing FUN?

In going back through the “On This Day” feature on my Facebook page, I discovered that I’d forgotten to respond to a suggestion from my mentor Dede (D2) that I talk about things that are fun or eye-popping about technical … Continue reading

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Tech Writing Questions from a High School Robotics Team

My fiction-writing buddy Ciara Knight has a high-school-age son who’s participating in the FIRST Robotics  competition, where groups of students get together to create robots  that compete on some sort of timed activity. This year, the activity is space-themed, which … Continue reading

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