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Why Have Standards for English?

“Why are you being so hard on us? None of us wants to be a professional writer!” –Business writing class student to his professor I’m in the process of reading a series of essays by Richard Weaver, a rhetoric and … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of the RSVP

Going to vent here today. I’m convinced that the RSVP is becoming a lost art–to the professional and personal detriment of us all.

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Using the Tools Effectively‏

“She is starting to damage my calm.” –Jayne Cobb, Serenity  Everyone has their little pet peeves. One of mine is improper use of office email systems, particularly Outlook, and I’ve seen a lot of it. And let me clarify here … Continue reading

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Attention to Detail in Technical Writing

When I was a young child (<5 years old), my mother made the mistake of telling me to “go jump in the tub” to get a bath. Literal-minded creature that I was, I climbed onto the edge of the tub … Continue reading

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Document Trimming: Cramming Ten Pounds of Stuff into a Five-Pound Bag

Tech writers and editors are often asked to trim content from a document so that it meets a specific page count requirement. Depending on the amount of content you’re facing and the compression requirements, I’ve heard this task called, “Cramming … Continue reading

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