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Why I Wear Pants: Grooming for the Stay-at-Home Worker

I read a lot about “pajama workers” or people who, because they work from home, decide not to wear pants. While there’s probably some truth to working that way, I strongly discourage it as a habit or lifestyle.

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Staying Motivated On the Road

I was on travel for a week and a half recently, first in Huntsville, then in another city supporting a space customer. On both trips I brought work with me, though as it turned out, I only ended up doing … Continue reading

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Reader Response: The Importance of Art in the Workplace

In response to my call for requests, my cousin Ann suggested that I discuss the importance of art in the workplace or classroom. While not directly related to technical communication, this does fall under the heading of life in the … Continue reading

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Coworking as Community-Building

This is a bit off-topic for this blog, but trust me: the connections to freelance technical writing will become clear.

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Finding Useful Content on this Blog

I’ve been working on making this blog more useful to my intended audience—new or current technical communicators. I realize there are tags for various topics, but maybe a summary entry like this will help you find the “best of” my … Continue reading

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