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Reader Response: Liberal Arts as a Path to Information Development

I was clearing out my Heroic Technical Writing email this past Monday when I found a 2017 message from Nevin in Ireland (absurdly┬álate–my apologies!). He shared with me two articles he’d written for Johnson Controls (here and here) about how … Continue reading

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Universal Skills

I would once again like to thank Nevin in Ireland for sending me a raft of thought-provoking questions. I believe today’s posting will cover the last of the lot. Nevin, I hope you and the rest of my readers have … Continue reading

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Skill Sets for Freelance Writing

As part of my ongoing quest to meet my readers’ expectations (and, as an extra bonus, get content for a book based on this blog), today’s entry is, again, based on a reader suggestion. Thanks again to Nevin in Ireland, … Continue reading

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Soft Skills for Being a Team Player

This blog is in response to a survey comment. I got some great responses recently, and I’d especially like to thank Nevin in Ireland for some great topic suggestions! His specific question was, “What personal skills you should develop to … Continue reading

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