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Are You Building Your Network Through Friendships or Transactional Relationships?

We all have some notion of what it means to form a friendship, on or off the job. But what, you might ask, is a “transactional relationship?” That, my friends, is a relationship you cultivate for the sole purpose of … Continue reading

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How to Make Small Talk in Business Networking Situations

Introverts–of which I am one–usually dread small talk.* In general, “small talk” is simply idle chatter that is designed to interact superficially without asking deep or personal questions about the other person.

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Conference Networking

I’m attending the 43rd Space Congress this week, so today’s blurb will be short. If you’re interested in my thoughts/notes from the event, I’ll post them next week.

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Networking Online: How and Why You Should Make the Most of It

At the suggestion of reader and fellow technical communication consultant Larry Kunz, I thought I’d elaborate a bit on the use of networking to find full-time employment or customers.

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Networking > Resumes

In a month or two, I’ll be giving a local talk about resume writing and editing (it was going to be this week, but will likely be punted to a little closer to summer). I’m probably shooting myself in the … Continue reading

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