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Business Development from the Home Office

I’ve been hesitant to write about this part of the freelance experience, mostly because I’m not yet bringing in enough to pay a lot of rent and other bills on a consistent basis. So consider this a work in progress, … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of the Home Office

In this follow-up to my piece on the tools for working in a home office, I’ll talk a bit about businesses processes, which I’ve had to work out as I go, sometimes on my own, sometimes with input from others. … Continue reading

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The Logistics of the Home Office

I am now seven months into this freelancing thing. I’m doing well if by “doing well” one means that I’m paying the bills and trying to sock away a little money for the day when I am no longer working … Continue reading

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Operating the Office Without Tech

Continuing my process of writing about topics suggested by friends, today I’m responding to Melinda, who wanted me to answer this: “How about surviving without tech. Can it be done? Why do businesses need to essentially shut down when their … Continue reading

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Why I Wear Pants: Grooming for the Stay-at-Home Worker

I read a lot about “pajama workers” or people who, because they work from home, decide not to wear pants. While there’s probably some truth to working that way, I strongly discourage it as a habit or lifestyle.

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